API is now investigating almost ten years active unexplained phenomena.
We already examined over 250 projects at home and abroad which we
have specialized origin of phenomena.

Our success speaks for itself.
Our team has in-depth knowledge of various areas of expertise for decades.

API are volunteers, offering anyone, who can not cope with paranormal situations, their help free of charge. Evaluations are always provided free to all owners, municipalities, administrations,etc...
In case of publications and / or media involvement of any kind, API reserves the sole right to all publications and / or to prohibit these.

Due to our long experience and solid knowledge, we were able to help many people and are proud to always get confidence of those affected, which is documented well in our long reference list.

All investigations are of discrete, documentativ and objectiv manner, to be able to evaluate properly on one hand and handle the situation with great sensitivity and empathy on the other hand.

donate API is a non-profit-organisation, dedicated to help and investigate paranormal phenomena all over europe. All of you, who want to support API, you can do so in puting a small donation in favour of our association.
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